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This site/s which has/ have displayed the letters " Australian Media Pty Ltd " and / or the symbol of the company is/ are owned and operated by Australian Media Pty Ltd - ABN 98 091 747 723, a registered company in AUSTRALIA.

This statement follows a link from any one of Casino and Gambling related properties.

As a Terms of Use, You must cease any viewing or activities relating to our Casino or Gambling sites, as they have intentionally been designed to completely exclude any person in Australia. If you are viewing this in Australia, please note that you do not have permission by order of Australian Media Pty Ltd to view our properties.

AMENDMENT: As of 31 August 2017, Australian Media Pty Ltd have ceased to advertise any online casino or gambling. This disclaimer applies if there some remnant advertisement which we still have not removed.

1. In accordance with various Federal and State laws of Australia, Australian Media Pty Ltd since the year 2000, has taken full responsibility to not specifically target any Australian in our choice of advertising. We have never promoted or advertise our sites within Australia on any Internet or non-Internet platform.

2. Our sites are hosted offshore and entirely target overseas markets.

3. As of December 2015, the servers we use to host our casino sites, have had instigated upon them algorithims and blocks to the whole range of existing and new Australian IP addresses, so that no person present within Australia should be able to access the sites and their information, either directly or incidentally.

If you have viewed one or more of our sites, there may be a technical problem and could you please report this to info * @ * by email or telephone on 02 9771 6958 so we can investigate and ensure any leakage in our block can be fixed immediately.

If you are experiencing any difficulty with gambling as a result of this, or any other reason please consult Gambling Helpline.

Please consult our legal statement or privacy statement.

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