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Australian Media Pty Ltd has a family network of sites:

HolidayNetwork: - Christmas - Easter - Halloween - New Year - Valentines Day - Birthdays - includes Thanksgiving Day - includes St Patricks Day - includes Independence Day

Family Network:

Enjoy a world of Christmas from the persona of Santa Claus. This site enjoyed more than 6 million visitors during Christmas 1999. The site exhibits Christmas Recipes, Songs, Traditions and facility for visitors to email Santa. There are many other features on the site.

Our Halloween site.

Our New Year site.

Birthdays around the world, recipes, songs and tradtions.

Our Valentine's site.

A sister site to Santa's Net, EasterBunny's Net is from the persona of the Easter Bunny. This site has a similar structure with Recipes, Songs, Traditions and an Email to the Easter Bunny.

Our Thanksgiving site.

Harvest Festivals from around the world, including Thanksgiving Day recipes, songs and tradtions.

Australian Media

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