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Casinos.Net in 10th year!
Australian Media Pty Ltd's star Casinos.Net is celebrating its 10th year.


Casinos.Net is the most comprehensive online casino directory, and one of the pioneers in the market.

Portolio: Our Network of Sites

Australian Media Pty Ltd continues to roll out a Network of Internet Sites, in many diversified areas.

We have Gambling sites, like Casinos.Net through to Fun and Comedy sites with Jokes.Net. We have Family and Holiday sites like Santas.Net through to Political sites such as We also control Financial, Regional, Webmaster and Religious sites.

One of Australian Media Pty Ltd's features is their control of sets of Domain Names. For instance, the fun and parodic sites of: Blondes.Net, Redheads.Net and Brunettes.Net. We also control the Family set of: Mens.Net, Womens.Net, Mothers.Net, Fathers.Net and Grandparents.Net. To buy up these Domain Names in one line would be extremely difficult.

The value of the Network is compounded by the practice of cross-linking, to build from one successful site to help launch other sites.

Although, all our sites are profitable on their own, the key to Australian Media Pty Ltd's success is the ability to drive traffic from the vast "mini" and "private" Internet network to our own Casinos.Net.

We welcome your interest in advertising with Australian Media Pty Ltd and our network of sites. Please fill in our feedback form and select the sites which you wish to advertise on.