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Profile and History of Australian Media Pty Ltd

The Founders of Australian Media Pty Ltd

Andrew Molloy holds four degrees including an unusual mix of a Master of Business Administration and a Master of Arts (Writing).

Melissa Molloy holds a Diploma of Business Management.

In the 1980s, Andrew Molloy experimented with Bulletin Boards with friends. "The potential of an online world was very fascinating, but it was just a matter of waiting for some light bulbs to brighten the black screens."

In early 1995, Andrew registered Home Internet Connections. The purpose of this was to set up homes and small offices with the Internet. However, the main beneficiaries were ISPs who gained the ongoing revenue.

By 1996, they began to develop web sites for clients, by offering Domain Name Registration, Web Site Design and Hosting. They retain an existing client base, but no longer offer the services side of the company.

It was in mid 1996, that the founders of Australian Media Pty Ltd began to register their extensive collection of domain names. "We could see that in years to come the services side would become like lawn mowing, hairdressing and takeaway food. Everybody would be doing it, with lower and lower margins. We could see the necessity to stake our own claims, to register and develop our own media. We believed in getting one word domain names which reflected whole groups of people, place names, industries or human interest." They developed several of their own sites around this time.

In 1998, they changed their name to Net Ezy. However, in the following two years, more time was allocated to developing their own web sites, until they decided to wind down the Services side. We now provide Services, strictly on a fee-paying Consultancy basis.

In early 2000, Andrew and Melissa Molloy registered Australian Media Pty Ltd to house all Internet operations. The name also reflected their move into mostly developing their own domain names, and becoming an Internet Media Provider.

Today the Internet sites of Australian Media Pty Ltd enjoy close to 100 million page impressions per annum. The organization controls interests in vast areas of human lifestyle, entertainment, sports and commerce.

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